Part 2 – Looking at Clearances, the how to guide: CERF

The CERF (aka Canine Eye Registration Foundation) website can be a little cumbersome at the best of times.  Here is a short step by step guide on how to navigate the website to find information on a particular dog.

When you visit the website, located at, you will come to this page:

From this page a user will want to click on Online Registry Lookup, located here:

Which will then bring you to this page:

From this page, a user will want to input part of the dogs Registered name and select the breed in this area:

The dog’s registered name has to be spelled exactly the way it is entered into the database, or results will not show up.  The CERF database is limited to returning only a certain about of listings, if a kennel has over 50 dogs entered into the database, only the first 50 will be listed.  If that is the case enter the second word in the kennel name, in addition to the first (i.e. if searching for Ch. Conquerer’s I’m Trouble Y’all, enter Conquerer’s I’m).  All titles must be left off the name when searching.  Next select the breed, and click on search.

This will bring up a listing of dogs.

From here one can see the last date of exam (the database will only list exams that have been submitted by the owner, a dogs eyes should be checked every 12 months, if information is missing or not up-to-date ask the breeder to see a copy of the last report as some do not send them in to be listed), as well as any conditions, which can be listed as ‘breeders options’ (, that were found upon exam.

There is a database for Golden Retriever eye reports (the actual examination forms, which provide much more information than a CERF ‘clearance’) located here, unfortunately at this time it is not widely used.

Please note, this article will be edited often, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back for the latest up to date additions.

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